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Canada's National Insurance Appraisal and Risk Assessment Company

What sets us apart 

SCM Risk Management Services is Canada’s largest and leading-edge provider of commercial/residential property insurance appraisals services, loss control, valuation services, risk management, and other specialized insurance risk consulting solutions.  

The way we do business

As the country's largest risk assessment company, we are uniquely positioned to provide residential and commercial insurance risk valuation services to public organizations and large corporations in a variety of industries.

We're here for you

RMS continues to provide services coast to coast while developing new and innovative solutions based on their expertise in local markets. This exciting growth and development firmly establishes RMS as an industry leader in providing risk management solutions.

Helping Canadian businesses identify assess and mitigate property related risks.

SCM Risk Management Services is Canada’s largest and leading edge provider of commercial/residential property appraisal services, loss control, valuation services, risk management, and other specialized risk consulting solutions.

Our Residential Services provide valuations and appraisals for any and all residential properties, including specific services pertaining to high value homes and unique home elements that affect a property owner's risk portfolio.

Our Commercial Services provide valuations and surveys for commercial buildings, as well as services tailored to unique specifications of a variety of specialized businesses or properties.

Our Technical Services provide highly-specialized valuations pertaining to property, equipment, and construction areas, ensuring brokers, underwriters, and insurers have accurate assessments of their property profiles.

Our rmsQuantify service helps insurers, brokers, and adjusters control indemnity spend for all types of partial and total loss property damage.

Our rmsPrecise tool provides consistent, reliable, and accurate building valuations across Canada. 

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RMS ClientLink

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Residential Services
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Commercial Services
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Technical Services