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RMS is very pleased to introduce a new installment of Inspection Tip Of the Month (ITOM). Each issue features a different topic with valuable loss control information that will help you and your clients manage and reduce your exposure to losses.

This Month

Commercial Water Damage: Protect your Businesses from Flooding 
This month, ITOM focuses on Commercial Water Damage, highlighting some of the common hazards associated with this type of damage, along with important inspection tips to help minimize damage to a property in the event of flooding or water damage to facility systems.

Being mindful of water damage mitigation is integral to properly maintain a property and also to prevent skyrocketing insurance costs. Last year's flooding events in Alberta and Toronto left top insurers reeling, therefore it is vital to know common risk factors and preventative measures in order to mitigate such damage in the future.

Past bulletins

Seasonal and Secondary Homes: Prepare and Protect 
The issue of ITOM focuses on Seasonal and Secondary Homes, highlighting some of the common hazards associated with these types of properties, along with the importance of maintaining the dwelling throughout the different seasons of the year.

Following the correct shutting down practices is extremely important in order to ensure your client's home away from home is properly maintained. The key to implementing these practices is to have a maintenance plan in place and stick to it, thereby ensuring the dwelling will be waiting safe and sound for the owner's return.

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