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SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) offers appraisal, loss control, and enterprise risk management services to help insurers and property owners understand and mitigate their exposure to risk. Access RMS’s outsourced tools to help:

  • Increase the cost-effectiveness of your services
  • Offer services that set you apart from your competitors
  • Help protect your assets
  • Identify hazards and help prevent losses
  • Increase your capacity to bid on more projects
  • Generate new business

Commercial & Residential Building Valuations (Appraisals)
Commercial and residential buildings continue to increase in value over the years for a number of factors, and because these factors often go unnoticed at renewal time (especially in the case of secondary or vacation homes), property owners run the risk of being caught under-insured. If this is the case when a loss occurs, the insurer can impose a “co-insurance” clause, making the owner accountable for the portion that was undervalued.

RMS performs commercial and residential building valuations to ascertain accurate replacement cost figures. These valuations help property owners ensure that their portfolio of properties is insured to the current value that it would cost to rebuild.

By combining national historical data with local knowledge about factors such as the available pool of skilled contractors and labourers, current material costs, the economy, debris removal, and equipment costs, our loss-control specialists provide qualified and thorough appraisals. Procure RMS’s commercial and residential building valuation services and provide your clients with peace of mind knowing that they will be fully covered should one of their properties suffer a loss.

Loss Control Assessments
Help your clients pro-actively mitigate risks and strategically manage capital assets by empowering them with accurate and up-to-date risk information from loss control assessments. These assessments thoroughly catalogue potential risks in a given location and provide risk managers or business owners with recommendations for mitigating those risks.

With backgrounds in engineering and risk-management, RMS’s loss-control specialists provide quality loss control assessments which can be done in conjunction with property valuations.

Please contact us to learn more about our risk management and consulting services.

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