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RMS provides Commercial Appraisal Services to a variety of commercial properties and premises. Underwriters and brokers are able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the qualities inherent to a given property, review policies and procedures specific to a facility, and determine any risk liability. RMS’ team of highly-qualified specialists are able to perform specific appraisal and risk assessment services for any and all commercial properties and premises.


Loss Control Appraisals for Religious Facilities
Religious facilities possess a distinct set of commercial risks. Unique construction, high traffic, and frequent candle use are some of the things that must be considered when underwriting the facility.

Manufacturing Surveys
Manufacturing Surveys are conducted so that underwriters and brokers can get a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process at the premises, what type of product is being made, the raw materials required, the types of machines used, as well as the final product description.

Premise Liability Surveys
Premise Liability Surveys allow underwriters and brokers to develop a clear understanding of the type of due diligence practices that should be in place for any business or property that receives visitors, delivery people, or other invited persons on their premises. 

Product Liability Surveys
Product Liability Surveys are completed in order to provide a detailed overview of operating procedures, goods produced, construction or installation methods, as well as the completed operations hazards of various products. 

Surveys for Eating and Liquor Licensed Establishments
Establishments that serve food and liquor face a specific set of high-risk liability challenges. RMS provides documented inspection survey reports for commercial cooking facilities that have liquor permits such as restaurants, hotels, bars, banquet halls, or other similar businesses. 

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