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Photograph  of the three churches in Mahon Bay, Nova Scotia from the water

Consider the unique risks

Religious facilities possess a distinct set of commercial risks. Unique construction, high traffic, and frequent candle use are some of the things that must be considered when underwriting the facility. As one of the few companies in Canada that offers appraisals specifically for religious facilities, RMS can help you understand the risk you are underwriting by providing you with a more accurate picture of the unique risk these types of facilities represent.

Gain an accurate picture

RMS has loss control specialists who inspect religious facilities of all denominations. Leveraging backgrounds in construction, engineering, and risk management, RMS appraisers consider important features which are unique to religious facilities such as:

  • Stained glass preservation
  • Wood work
  • Organs
  • Use of candles
  • Security of musical instruments
  • Use of facilities by outside organizations
  • Security systems
  • Computer and audio-video equipment
  • Operating policies and procedures 

(RMS can also perform audits on these policies and procedures)                                                                 

Photograph of a church from the ground up of its entrance and steeple

All this information, as well as standard details about the facility’s general Construction Occupancy Protection and Exposure (COPE) is neatly packaged into one report.

RMS’ senior-level inspectors review each report to ensure quality and accuracy before they are sent to clients.

Stay current

The knowledge provided by RMS loss control appraisal will help insurers underwrite their risks more accurately and with confidence.

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