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For business operators, property owners, and managers, premise liability exposures are a very common cause of both legitimate and fraudulent claims from a bodily injury perspective. Underwriters, brokers, and risk managers need a comprehensive understanding of these exposures in order to acquire an accurate picture of their risks. 

SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) conducts Premise Liability Surveys so that underwriters and brokers can get a clear understanding of the type of due diligence practices that should be in place for any business or property that receives visitors, delivery people, or other invited persons on their premises.

Our objective, third-party survey report empowers insurers with a thorough snapshot of how they can reduce the frequency and severity of liability claims. Risk managers can also use these reports as objective documentation for their risk management programs.

Helping You Understand The Risks  
Our reports help you paint a clear picture of the risk in terms of site specifics, special hazards, and risk deficiencies for the purposes of loss prevention, improving safety, or enhancing protection. Our loss control specialists will visit the property and work with site staff to conduct the surveys.

During these site visits, RMS loss control specialists will consider:

  • Trip, slip, and fall hazards
  • Walking surfaces including lighting
  • Snow and ice removal practices
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Posted visible warning signs
  • A review of equipment such as fire exit signs, emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, elevating devices, swimming pool equipment, etc.
Fire exit sign on a brick wall

They will package all this information neatly into one report, and include actionable recommendations which can be leveraged as part of a preventative risk management plan.

For more information about RMS’s Premise Liability Surveys, please contact us.

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