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Establishments that serve food and liquor face a specific set of high-risk liability challenges. SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) provides underwriters, brokers, and risk managers with documented inspection survey reports for commercial cooking facilities that have liquor permits such as restaurants, hotels, bars, banquet halls, or other similar businesses.

Our objective, third-party survey reports empower insurers with an accurate data snapshot of their risks related to liquor liability, fire protection systems, kitchen conditions, and eatable products all in one comprehensive report.

Helping You Understand The Risks
Our reports help you paint a clear picture of the risk in terms of construction, special hazards, and risk deficiencies for the purposes of loss prevention, improving safety, or enhancing protection. Our loss control specialists will visit the establishment and work with management and staff to conduct the surveys and provide actionable recommendations in their reports as part of a preventative risk management plan.

RMS loss control specialists can help identify detailed information about:

  • Kitchen conditions including exhaust and fixed extinguishing systems   
  • Cooking appliances including protection
  • Refrigeration installation
  • Exterior signage
  • Condensed products liability considerations
  • Liquor liability exposure including staff training and policies and procedures
Server at a bar holding two platters of food.

Please contact us to learn more about our Surveys for Eating and Liquor Licensed Establishments.

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