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Large two story house with a three car garage and large driveway

Insurers of high-value properties face unique challenges when it comes to providing specific, accurate appraisal and risk assessment services for their most prosperous clients, many of whom are accustomed to the highest quality of service. Seeking to meet those challenges, SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) is pleased to announce the launch of Prestige™, a brand new service designed for those particular appraisal requirements inherent to the high-value properties of an important client base.

As rebuilding costs rise, so too does the need to better understand what designates a property as "high value." Insurers need to be able to rely on an appraisal service that provides the appropriate care and consideration for properties labelled as such. A property's size, location, features, contents, and other elements determine its unique value and require a specific understanding of those attributes to assess it properly. RMS knows that luxury property deserves customized treatment.

Prestige™ features RMS' team of qualified inspectors who have the knowledge and skill set required to inspect a high-value property with due diligence and consideration. The Prestige™ Team has the experience, understanding, and site-specific knowledge to provide these services to high-value properties across Canada. Prestige™ appraisers are able to assess the distinctive features in upgraded properties such as building materials, unique structural features, and precious contents, to provide insurers the highest caliber of appraisal and risk assessment services for their esteemed clientele.

RMS knows that the owners of high-value properties are accustomed to the highest standard of service. Bearing that in mind, Prestige™ promises careful, respectful, and dignified client interactions before, during, and after an appraisal. The Prestige™ team of appraisers knows the appropriate behaviours and protocol for meeting discerning and sophisticated clients, as well as entering and thoroughly inspecting high-value properties. Valuable property and the treasured contents therein deserve the utmost care and consideration and RMS promises to strictly adhere to that level of client care when providing the Prestige™ service.

Owners of high-value properties risk losing their careful investment of time and money when their property is undervalued, improperly inspected, or incorrectly appraised. Prestige™ offers insurers the chance to provide accurate, efficient, and expedient appraisals for their clients with high-value properties, thanks to RMS' team of industry-leading qualified professionals.

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