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RMS has the capability go above and beyond what a regular insurance appraisal requires. Our Technical Services team is comprised of a group of highly trained, highly skilled appraisers with extensive knowledge and background in a variety of specialized areas that require insurance appraisals, including:

  • Course of Construction
  • Building and Fire Codes
  • Safety, Fleets, and Plan Reviews
  • Aviation
  • Ship-building yards
  • Marinas
  • Sprinkler Plan Reviews
  • Construction sites
  • Boiler Programs
  • Environmental Sustainability Verifications 
  • Building Condition Reporting
  • School Board and University Risk Programs
  • Dealership/Fleet Programs
  • Hospital Risk Assessments
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • Playground and other Physical Activity Centre Assessments
  • Government Risk Programs
  • Real Estate - Property Management Risk Programs
  • Cooperative Housing Projects
  • Farming
  • Risk Assessments for a variety of Industries
  • Crime and Security Assessments
  • Product and Premise Liability
  • Manufacturing Risk Assessments
  • Fire Plans

Our team possesses the technical resources to provide you with a variety of risk management oriented products and services. We excel in a variety of consulting roles and also provide consulting technical services to all levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal.

The use of these services helps business and property owners assess, manage, and minimize their levels of risk. Properly mitigating risk means determining potential threats to a client's organization, and developing strategies to best avoid them. The Technical Services provided by RMS keep organizations thriving and help them to maintain success.


Commercial Appraisal Services
Current research suggests that as many as 70% of Canadian buildings are underinsured by as much as 40%. RMS offers in-house custom valuation services, as well as industry-recognized valuation tools to establish an accurate replacement cost appraisal in a cost-effective manner. As professional engineers and/or registered appraisers, RMS’ expert team of professional valuators leverage decades of experience.

Contractor Equipment Surveys
Contractor Equipment Surveys are conducted so that underwriters and brokers receive a comprehensive overview of the type of equipment they are insuring, the type of business operating that equipment, and the physical area surrounding the operations. This comprehensive report helps determine the scope of a risk as it pertains to loss prevention, improving safety, or enhancing protection.

Course of Construction Surveys
Construction activities on an insured site need to be effectively monitored by underwriters, brokers, and risk managers. These surveys are conducted in order to provide accurate information regarding risk throughout all stages of construction, from site preparation to final wrap-up.

Custom Commercial Reports
Determining property and liability exposures for underwriters, brokers, and risk managers is critical when developing a preventative risk management plan. RMS creates Custom Commercial Reports to provide actionable recommendations which pertain to these potential exposures in a variety of configurations to best suit the needs of the client.

Farm Appraisals Program
Insurers need to be able to underwrite commercial and hobby farms accurately and with comprehensive information. RMS offers their Farm Appraisals Program to validate and update essential risk information thanks to a basic survey of a farm and all its related facilities. Many of our appraisers are trained in both farm and residential appraisals, allowing for one appraisal over two and reducing costs.

Playground & Equipment Appraisals 
Safety is paramount when it comes to playground and equipment used for recreation by children and youth. RMS helps risk managers of schools, municipalities, and development firms ensure their playgrounds and equipment are free of potential hazards and equipment that is in disrepair by providing Playground & Equipment Appraisals. They evaluate all spaces to determine potential liabilities and keep everything compliant with all current safety standards.

Please contact us for more information regarding RMS Technical Services.

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