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SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) conducts Course of Construction Surveys so that underwriters, brokers, or risk managers can monitor the construction activities on an insured site. With RMS’ objective, third-party survey report, insurers will be empowered with an accurate and documented picture of their risk throughout all stages of construction. Moreover, they will have the knowledge they need to make an accurate assessment of that risk.

RMS’ Loss Control Specialists also include valuable recommendations with each survey, empowering site managers or superintendents with an actionable list of improvements for their loss control program to mitigate the threat of loss such as fire, theft, etc.

A Comprehensive 4-Phase Approach  
For large or high-value construction projects, RMS recommends conducting Course of Construction Surveys for each of the four phases of construction:

Phase 1: Site Preparation
Survey at this stage provides review of the property during the initial site preparation, including security, fencing, lighting, movement of supplies, material storage, safety requirements pertaining to renovation/construction, and a review of the builder’s warranties.

Phase 2: Initial Construction
Survey at this stage provides review of the property during the initial construction phase, including items reviewed in Phase 1 as well as storage of dangerous materials and safety pertaining to the construction of new structure.

Phase 3: Final Construction
Survey at this stage provides review of features previously noted with an emphasis on hazardous operations involving use of torches or soldering devices, hazardous situations such as exposed foam plastic insulation, the accumulation of combustible wastes inside and outside the structure, storage of waste materials, etc.

Phase 4: Wrap Up or Substantial Completion
Survey at this stage provides review of features previously noted with an emphasis on the major life safety feature of the structure (e.g., sprinkler system, security and fire alarm systems). Structure will also be reviewed for compliance to code requirements and common liability exposures. This phase also includes a Wrap Up Liability review.

For each phase, an RMS Loss Control Specialist will visit the site and work with the General Contractor and/or the Site Superintendent to conduct the surveys. With a four-phase approach to the survey, insurers and risk managers will acquire a more comprehensive and ongoing picture of the project, providing them with the ability to identify and mitigate issues pro-actively.

For smaller or less complex construction projects, RMS can provide Course of Construction Surveys for one or all of these construction phases.

Survey Considerations
RMS’ survey reports provide detailed information about:

  • Overview and description of building(s)
  • Management attitude
  • Neighborhood zoning and socio-economic details
  • Site security details (lighting, fencing, alarms, etc.)
  • Fire protection details (on-site protection, FUS grade, etc.) 
  • Description of equipment on site
  • Details of sub-contractors on site
  • Hotworks, open flame, and/or welding operations on site
  • Description of the warranties and conditions in place
  • Coverage details (Builder’s Risk Policies)
  • Pictures and diagrams where required
  • Contractor liability
  • Loss control recommendations (if any)

Please contact us to learn more about our Course of Construction Surveys or other types of insurance and risk surveys and inspections.

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