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SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) provides custom Commercial Inspection Reports for a variety of industries and risks to help paint a clear picture of property and liability exposures for underwriters, brokers, and risk managers. Whether it is site operations, product manufacturing, commercial fleets, or construction-related risks, our expert loss control specialists will conduct in-depth on-site inspections to provide you with an all-in-one report that includes actionable recommendations which can be leveraged as part of a preventative risk management plan.

RMS offers the following Commercial Inspection Reports: 

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Premises Liability 
This comprehensive report contains information on major exposures relevant to a company’s operation including premise operations, allurement hazards, accessibility of exits and fire alarm systems, as well as trip and fall hazards on walking surfaces and stairs.

Products Liability 
This report makes practical recommendations to minimize the possibility of liability losses. The report follows a product through the entire manufacturing or assembly process from raw materials to final inspection and shipping, including documentation of inspection and testing quality control procedures, product recall procedures, raw material specifications and certificates, distribution warranties, labeling and staff training.

Fleet Surveys 
This report provides a practical in-depth look at the factors affecting the desirability of commercial fleets including commodities hauled, radius of the operation, premises and vehicle assessment, vehicle maintenance programs, as well as driver training and safety programs.

Farm Surveys 
This report looks at the unique insurance issues associated with farm operations such as on-site hazards, livestock exposures including an operation’s ventilation and electrical systems, disease control procedures, additional business undertakings and fire protection. Additional items can be included such as a dwelling survey, wood burning stove report, and farm machinery and equipment.

All-Risk Reports 
This report is ideal for risks of all complexities and contains a fire, liability, crime and all-risk section as well as information on occupancy, building construction, and all-risk information including flood, earthquake, water damage, collapse, sewer back-up, etc.

Manufacturing Risk package 
This is a risk-specific report that covers all the information contained in the All-Risk Report plus comprehensive descriptions of a company’s manufacturing processes, business interruption exposures, special hazards, high piling, and basic product liability exposures. Sprinklered Manufacturing Risk

This risk-specific report contains the information from the All-Risk and Manufacturing Risk reports as well as an evaluation and grading of the automatic sprinkler system in relation to the occupancy and arrangement of storage. The report also includes a review of the adequacy and maintenance of the sprinkler system, as well as fire alarm standards.

Sprinklered Non - Manufacturing Risk Package 
This risk-specific report includes all the information from the All-Risk Report as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the automatic sprinkler system including water supply, maintenance, and review of fire alarms.

Course of Construction Survey 
The Course of Construction Survey can be completed at any of the four phases of construction, from site preparation, initial construction, final stage construction, to completion and wrap-up. The report will review site security, equipment operations, material handling, site exposures, workplace safety practices, as well as a review of builder’s warranties.

Contractor’s Equipment Survey 
This report is specific to contractor equipment located at a job site or in a contractor’s storage yard and includes a description of the site, operations, type of equipment used, site security, transportation of equipment, operator standards, storage conditions, and special hazards.

Report Supplements 
RMS also offers additional reports to supplement the information contained in our other products including: 

  • Expanded Crime
  • Cooking
  • Spray Application 
  • Liquor Liability
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wood Burning Appliance
  • M&S/B Commercial Building Valuation
  • Outbuildings
  • Sketch

Please contact us to learn more about our Custom Commercial Report or other types of insurance and risk surveys and inspections. 

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