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SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) has created a Farm Appraisals Program to help insurers underwrite commercial and hobby farms with confidence. By validating and updating essential risk information, our loss control experts can provide you with an accurate picture of the risk in a cost-effective manner.

Gain an Accurate Picture of the Risk

Farm inspections will provide you with additional information to supplement broker submissions and allow you to form a more accurate and complete picture of the risk in question. With the knowledge gained from these appraisals, you can be confident with your underwriting decisions.

What do RMS Farm Appraisals Cover?

Our farm appraisers provide a basic survey of the farm and all its facilities. We can also offer the unique advantage of being able to conduct residential appraisals at the same time because many of our loss control experts are trained and have experience in both farm and residential appraisals. This capability reduces your costs because it eliminates the need for two separate appraisals.

Our inspections can provide thorough assessments on:

  • Commercial and hobby farms             
  • Residential buildings
  • High-value homes
  • Swine operations
  • Poultry operations
  • Dairy operations
  • Equine operations
  • Specialty operations1
  • Environmental (pollution liability)
  • Fleet and equipment

For each appraisal we provide a report documenting our findings. These reports provide you with valuable underwriting information as well as a list of prioritized recommendations for risk improvements.

Use this information to inform and update your underwriting practices on a yearly basis. Your customers can also use these recommendations to make loss control and prevention improvements to their premises.

Please contact us to learn more about our farm appraisals programs.

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